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January 28, 2020

Full-Service Movers: Why the Results are Worth the Investment

Is your family preparing for a big move? If you’re like many families, you’re probably dreading the hassle of accumulating or purchasing boxes, decluttering and sorting through your belongings, packing, deep-cleaning, and the long, continuous list of duties that come with relocating. If you’re not interested in undergoing this process alone, consider partnering with a full-service mover. A company that handles every detail—before, during, and even after the move—enabling you to relax, delegate, and enjoy a stress-free moving experience.

Why choose full-service moving?

Full-service moving is the perfect way to relocate if you have a family, are overwhelmed by handling a move on your own, require physical help to relocate, or simply want to pick up and move without having to be hands-on. Whether you’re moving from Arlington to Fort Worth or from Dallas to California, full-service movers take extra precautions to prepare your furniture and belongings for the move and ensure everything is delivered in prime condition. 

What do full-service movers offer?

Home evaluation

Your moving company should always begin with a FREE in-home survey to give you the best estimate for these services. Some companies even offer a virtual survey to make it easier if you’ve got a busy schedule. Since every home is unique, this helps your potential team get a good idea of what packing supplies, furniture disassembly, team members, and time your move will require for seamless experience.

Move coordinator

In the same way you’d want a wedding planner to assist with all the important decisions leading up to your big day, a move coordinator is a vital tool in helping your big move day go smoothly. A move coordinator is your personal contact for all your moving needs and will make sure you get a customized, stress-free experience by handling your move team, logistics, and managing the process on moving day.

Packing and materials

This service alone can cut out a huge amount of time for you and your family. How many times have you prepared for a move by searching for all the different box sizes you’ll need, making multiple trips to the store, and struggling to properly pack your most delicate belongings so that nothing breaks? This hassle can be completely handled by an experienced team that knows exactly how to care for your belongings and brings everything necessary to pack your possessions safely and efficiently. With multiple moving professionals on hand, your home can be packed up in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. No need to sweat the condition of your antique heirlooms or expensive artwork—Armstrong’s full-service movers know how to handle them with care!

Valuation coverage

This is one of the most valuable offerings of a full-service mover. Adding valuation coverage to your belongings before a move, known as full-value protection, ensures repair, replacement, or compensation in the rare case of damage or loss and provides peace of mind against unforeseen incidents. 

Furniture handling, disassembly and reassembly

Do you remember the hassle of getting your sectional through the doorway or assembling that complicated Swedish desk in your office? Now imagine doing that backwards. With a full-service mover, you don’t have to! Armstrong’s professional team will take all your furniture needs into account when doing your initial move survey, then come prepared to carefully and quickly break-down, move, then expertly reassemble your furniture.

Unloading and unpacking

This step can easily take a recently moved family weeks or even months to complete. With an entire team ready to get the job done, you’ll be completely moved in over the course of a few hours. You can focus on pointing and positioning while Armstrong’s move team does all the heavy lifting—literally—for you! With your guidance, the move team will unpack items, arrange furniture and organize your belongings, enabling you to step back and enjoy your new home while also making it feel like home even faster. 


If you’ve ever moved before, you’ve probably experienced the mountain of boxes and packing material left filling your hallways and garage after the move. By hiring a full-service mover, like Armstrong, there’s no need to haul carloads of debris to the local dump. Your full-service team will load the debris and dispose of it properly. No more fighting piles of bubble wrap and cardboard, you’re free to kick back with your family!

Utility connection services

This is yet another key step that a full-service moving company can take off of your to-do list! While this service isn’t offered by all movers, full-service companies, like Armstrong – Dallas can connect you with a Home Services Specialist to coordinate your internet, cable, electricity and gas connections, plus any other utility services you may want handled for you. From Gexa Energy to AT&T to Dallas Water Utilities, a Home Services Specialist will work directly with your preferred Dallas-area service provider to get your home ready for move-in. Taking this off of your to-do list can have you ready to feel at home the second you step through your new front door.

Investing in a full-service mover means you’re not just paying for a move; you’re investing in peace of mind and an experience that will leave you relaxed and enthused for this exciting new step in your life.

Schedule your full-service moving services here: online or give us a call at 972.242.0511. We’re ready to help you from start to finish!

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